Cambridge Park Elementary School

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Open Invitation for Preschool Parents

Hello Preschool Parents,
You have an open invitation to visit our school during the course of the school year.  All we ask you to do is make an appointment with your child's teacher to set it up.  If you have not been able to get into school, it is never to late as we want you to take part in activities, projects and all the exciting things taking place.  Please realize everyone can not attend at the same time and this is why it is important for you to have an appointment.
You are asked to view our school and teacher webpage for the calendar.  You will find important events taking place and you can make plans to attend.  Please join us as soon as you can to take part in the learning.  You can also ask teachers if they want you to do a project you would like to share with students in your child's class.  Thanks for sending your child to school each day.
W. Spells