Cambridge Park Elementary School

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Hello Parents & Guardians,

Cambridge Park Elementary School staff want to welcome you to our school to see our community of learners and thinkers.  We have a standing invitation for you to participate in all of the activities planned throughout the year.  We have an environment which is creative, nurturing and resourceful student's are exposed to daily.  Our staff is highly qualified, caring, sensitive and do what is needed to make sure your child has a productive and happy day. 

Each staff member has a webpage and you are asked to visit it to see the educational program taught.   If you have
any questions or want to speak with a teacher you can email or call them at the school.  I am also available to discuss the school and program when you contact us. 
We have an outstanding PTO who work to provide our students with activities such as assemblies, field trips, projects and lots of fun filled experiences.  The things our Parent organization does is priceless.  I ask for you to join our PTO so that all of the wonderful plans can continue.
We are honored to be able to teach and work with your child each and everyday.  Thank you for sending your child to our school.  We appreciate your contribution to excellence at our school and all that you do.
Yours truly,
Wayne Spells